Tuchel Profi Gigant Road Broom

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Tuchel Profi Gigant Road Broom Specification

  • Make : TUCHEL
  • Model : Tuchel Profi Gigant Road Broom
  • Subcategory : Skid Steer Broom
  • Condition : New



The PROFI-GIGANT road sweeper has been designed for the cleaning of extra large surfaces, such as airports, harbours, recycling companies, building-sites and industrial surfaces. With its very massive design it doesn’t shy away from anything. The hitch-pendulum joint protects the PROFI-GIGANT against overcharge by heavy carrier-vehicles and ensures an optimum bottom guidance. With its various working widths from 260 cm up to 350 cm and a brush diameter of 800 mm it cleans everything! The brush is driven by two strong, internal motors incl. oil flow controller. In order to facilitate brush adjustment, the machine has a special adjusting-lever system, which is
to ensure that the brush wears down regularly. The PROFI-GIGANT can be used with a hydraulic
collector or for simple sweeping, without dismouting the collector (hydraulic lifting, with shut-off cock).

Key features:

- Forward Moving
- Very Safe
- Efficient Sweeping every time
- Minimal Oil Flow Required
- Suitable for Skid Steers, Front End Loaders, Telehandlers, Tractors
- Can be Used as angle sweeper with no collection

Hitch systems
• Quick-hitch for wheel-/ telescopic loaders with 3D levelling and height indication
• Three-point linkage CAT I/II incl. 3D levelling and height indicator

This pro is a gigantic cleaner!

• Large hopper incl. PU-lip, high-fill flap, hydraulic tip (via 2 cylinders, incl. shut-off cock for simple sweeping) and integrated 3rd and 4th support-wheel
• Hydraulic angling via 2 cylinders (1 additional double-acting hydraulic drive circuit required)
• Water-spray system incl. 2 x 200 l tanks and intermitting pump for dust suppression
• Fully adjustable hydraulic side brush for corner sweeping, incl. speed regulation and shut-off cock
• Road traffic equipment (prescribed to drive on public roads)
• Extra colour shade



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